Our 16th meeting was held March 13th, 2019 at the Mary Winspear Centre

We had three fabulous charities nominated:


1: First up was Judy Tsukijima who spoke about The Juan De Fuca Search and Rescue. They reach far in to the peninsula as they have equipment and services that no one else hasĀ  in our area and provide an amazing volunteer service. Her account of real life scenarios was very moving.


2. Secondly we heard from Stasia Hartley and her nominated charity was We Rage We Weep Alzheimer Foundation. Her depiction of those with Alzheimer's was heart felt as she works in the healthcare industry and told some beautiful and yet heartbreaking stories.


3. Third up Ginny York and Lauren Wiegel who spoke on behalf of Hero Work Program Society together and gave a passionate overview of how many other non profit organizations that Hero Work steps in to help with volunteers. Over 8000 hours last year!


Herowork was selected to receive $17,300


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