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September 17, 2015


Hello Deb and Shelley,

Last night was the absolute highlight of my recent weeks. Thank you for the commitment that you are making towards the betterment of our community through the generosity of your women! The work that you are doing is so profoundly positive. It was such a privilege to thank you Deb, Shelley, your ladies in leadership and your incredible membership for their generosity to The Cridge Respitality Service.

I was deeply touched by this month’s nominations and  excited for the enthusiastic response for The Victoria Brain Injury Society’s gift.

I had the opportunity to renew friendships with several women that I haven’t seen in years plus I was introduced to a couple of mothers who are current recipients of the Cridge Respitality Service.

I can’t think of a more deserving tribute than a standing ovation for Ann and Zola. They are ambassadors for our families and our program!

So, thank you for your contribution to helping people lead great lives in welcoming communities.



Mimi Davis (on special assignment)


The Cridge Respite Service and

The Cridge Respitality Service

The Cridge Centre for the Family

Victoria Brain Injury Society Presentation


Wednesday December 9th, 2015


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